for those who wonder, HERE's MY STORY...

I double as an artist & jewelry designer. living & dreaming in Portland, OR.

in 2015, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Architecture & a Minor in Drawing, Painting, & Printmaking from Portland State University.

Sometimes i feel like i am living each day amidst some sort of repetitive madness, bridging endless connections, searching for meaning, & waking up in an imaginative ethereal chaos. my art helps me to understand. It helps me to find patterns in the way that my everyday life is conducted. My work makes sense of my intrinsic inescapable ARTISTIC PRACTICE & desire to create.

My process is similar to watching a map of my life unfold. A majority of what I generate is mixed media work that contains fragments, memories, & moments within it. i think of what i produce as being a visual extension of the way that my brain ties experiences together & flows between subjects.

most of what i generate becomes a trigger for me, igniting memories of where I've come from. My paintings aid me in remembering various chapters of my life & the things that i have given pieces of my heart to. I show this to viewers by embedding sentimental fragments of my everyday encounters. Creating new patterns from material extensions of myself and my experiences. I am able to give new life to things that I have held on to, or previously used to define myself. When I look at my work, I am able to trace connections between the places i go, things i experience, how i see the world, & the people I love.

This meticulous, somewhat compulsive re-arrangement of cut paper allows me to shake up the past. I can begin to harmonize & create unity within my everyday chaos. It teaches me to be thankful and present for each moment. Cutting up things that I thought defined me allows me to expand who i am, to be undefined. I don't have to be concerned with keeping evidence of fleeting memories, I can instead remember how those moments made me feel, and where they have lead my steps. I can begin to release the past, use it to grow, to transform, & to create a new future. I am able to find peace in pain. I am able to find strength & new beginnings in my struggle.

each piece also examines the tendency i have to want to be indecipherable. in some ways i feel that my work is able to highlight the fact that nobody can ever be seen in their entirety. I accept the fact that we as humans can never be fully understood, or precisely known by another person. it allows me to be totally vulnerable with the viewer, while simultaneously being elusive, scattering pieces of myself throughout my work that may forever be an unsolved puzzle. My work lets the viewer become abstractly acquainted & familiar with the things that have sculpted who I am today. The viewer can begin to string together messages if they want to take a closer & longer look. repetitive designs are able to distort my past just enough so that somebody would have to take time to become intimate with the work, reassemble the fragments, & make connections, to really be able to tell why it is relevant to me. I reveal myself in a way that can be hard to understand but is not impossible.

it is important to me that my art stays somewhat incomprehensible, so I don't always have to tell my whole story. I usually don't know how to tell it. I don't always include all pieces of the puzzle, and don't always leave text legible. i don't have a strong desire to be fully understood. It is more important to me that life, & my identity, is a tapestry that is woven of the most beautiful stories.

I like to think that life is about change. It is about letting go, being light, taking steps, rearranging, & redefining.  its about new days.