I double as an artist & jewelry designer. living & dreaming in Portland, OR.

in 2015, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Architecture & a Minor in Drawing, Painting, & Printmaking from Portland State University.

A Lot of my work is tied to my personal identity, things i’m drawn to, things I’ve held on to, or things I want to get rid of the most.

Weaving together fragments & textures allows me to present myself to my viewers in a way that allows them to get something entirely different from my pieces than I do. Most of my work is tied to emotions, & memories. My work oftentimes is an extension of the person I am.

My newest interest is in reflective material. I am enjoying exploring how light can change color. My reflective pieces look different depending on when you view them, & the light that hits the piece. This reminds me that everything changes and that you cant ever see something the same way somebody else does. Some of my most current work casts rainbows when natural light hits it. This allows light & shadow to COMPLETELY alter the work, creating a special relationship between the piece & the time of day it is viewed.

If you are interested in talking about my work in more detail, I’d love to hear from you! you can reach me by email at or through my contact page here <3