Spending power

Think about the audience you are trying to reach. Think about the people with the most spending power.  


Think about how someone could could benefit from your plan or idea.  

How I see my friends.

friends are jerks to each other sometimes. We can’t always expect our friends to be there for us, we can only be there for them when they need us and we can hope that one day they might see how much we’ve done for them, and how much we care.

One day they might really see, but we can’t expect it. All we can do is treat others the way we want to be treated and maybe in giving what we want to receive we will then start to receive it.

Where I’m at

being Happy with where you are at in life has a lot to do with the intentions you set. your mindset. outlook on life.

Thinking about where you are at - in the present, can sometimes lead you to think of how much still is to be accomplished, and all the small things or big life dreams that you thought you would have finished by now. 

Instead try to think of where you used to be, how far you have came, and how you are improving and growing everyday. Think about where you are now, and think of it as being made of all the fragments of your past.

Think about how the past weaves into our future and without it we wouldn’t be who we are. 

Think about the air in your lungs. the sun, and the moon’s glow on earth each day. Think about how lucky you are to have exactly what you do. Think about the things you can give, and the ways you can help people to see light. Think about how nobody can be a coPy of you. 

For now.

maybe it’s not going to be great forever, but all I know is that it is great for now. 

For now. And maybe forever, but nothing is forever on this earth and we shouldn’t expect it to be.


Straight lines

my straight lines are never straight. 

We should never expect to have a straight path toward a goal. Nothing will be as easy as you think. You have to be prepared for the zig zags, switchbacks, loops.  

A goal is not the wrong goal just because of the object in the way or the door that needs to close before you can get there

Our life

our life and our condition is what we make of it. It can be what we want it to be. We just have to realize where we are and what we want or don’t want out of every place, person, interaction or situation. 


the real gentleman is the one who stands by you when you’re out of breath on a hike. He doesn’t walk ahead. He wants to be near you. 

He will open every door for you. 

He will make you dream. 

He will give you gifts for no reason and he will stick with you no matter what your Life was like before him. 

he will recognize when others don’t treat you well. 

He will wish only good things on your life and support you in whatever way he can. 

He will want to meet you wherever you want to be. And he will give you space and time whenever you need it.  

he will make you feel welcome. 

he will never lie to you unless it’s out of love for you.  



what does it mean to slim down the things we have?


minimalism is limiting the things that you have down to only what is essential. You can’t be a consumer and a minimalist unless with everything you take in you are giving somehing else away. 


Everything you buy you should have a purpose.  


This is doesn’t mean we can’t let go. This doesn’t mean we use everything until it’s empty.  


This is doesn’t mean we always know how to live simply.  


This is doesn’t mean we are amazing decorators, or that we are neat freaks.  


This doenst mean we are better than anyone else


Recording your thoughts could make you look crazy. 

Recording your thoughts allows you to process and make sense of them, to come back to them, and build on them.   



Use the words that come to your mind to speak good things. Do not crowd your mind with hate and negativity. 

Fully believe you can speak kindly, even to the ones that haven’t been kind to you. 


Wilted roses are the prettiest ones. Dried and wilted from a life well lived.

Fully blossoming and passing away.

To be me.

what does it mean to be me?

 How can I change that way of thinking to something positive?

How can I tell myself and tell others what it means to be me? What it means to like things. To appreciate design. To love growth and change. Fluid motion. Weaving. Learning. 


Be unafraid to be judged, and don’t be the one to pass judgement on to others.


Begin to be positive to yourself and others will be positive to you.  



the punctuation at the end of a sentence. A closing piece. A separator. A period of time.

The time can be a really small moment, or a large one. It can knock you off your feet if you let it, and pull you down into depths. If only we could switch everyone’s way of thinking, we could choose to think about how high one moment can lift you, how close it can get you to where you want to be. how life changing one moment can be.

only then does it start to train our minds into believing that it is true, and that we are limitless, we can choose the way we want our life to be.