the punctuation at the end of a sentence. A closing piece. A separator. A period of time.

The time can be a really small moment, or a large one. It can knock you off your feet if you let it, and pull you down into depths. If only we could switch everyone’s way of thinking, we could choose to think about how high one moment can lift you, how close it can get you to where you want to be. how life changing one moment can be.

only then does it start to train our minds into believing that it is true, and that we are limitless, we can choose the way we want our life to be. 


We own nothing in this world. Nothing on this earth. We are just renting and borrowing for the time we are here, and then it is no longer ours.


we have senses. 

Our senses, sight, smell, touch, sound, taste.  

providing different perspectives. Providing a view of the world that belongs only to us. 


People will always see the world in a different way than the way in which we see it. they will remember different things and that is normal. 




we are always doing things for a reason.  


Take a second to understand peole and their reasons.  


Understand your reasons and soften and polish them until they start to shine.  

Apple trees

Apple trees grow apples.

Don’t try to be what you’re not.

Don’t try to grow fruit that you’re not meant to grow.

Don’t compare your fruit with fruit that grows on other trees. Other trees are made differently... So Do what you do, and focus on growing the best dang apples the world has ever experienced. 




The world looks at you as a purposeful entity. Subtle answers are whispered to us each day to spell out our purpose. We just have to be really listening when they are spoken. 


we must remember that the truth can sometimes hurt, and give big truths with a gentleness. As a reminder and not an attack.

It's okay to like Flowers.

my whole life I've felt like flowers are so girly. I haven't felt so girly. I've never really identified with the things I deem most girly. But I'm learning to appreciate a soft, quiet, listening, authentic and colorful life. All of which flowers remind me of. 

to me, a real and authentic girl is beautiful, but in response to that my mind tells me that I'm not pretty because I'm not real. I try to be more real. I try to remember flowers all bloom and die, and the only way I'll bloom fully is if I can understand this process. 

I try to let go. I try to not be held back. I try to think of the amount I've grown. Sharing these things with the people That I meet,  weaving together the things I hold on to, with the things I most want to let go. Exposing the things that I hold close. cutting them up So that they can lie in the past.