You can hear the birds outside with the windows open or cLosed ans the sun setting or rising; it doesnt matter



What do we need?

we need someone who sticks by us as we build ourselves uP and who wants to be a part of our successes. Who suppoRts the other and who wants to experience the world and life to the fullest with thEm.

A spark

The smallest spark ignited the fire....  

one small action can ignite something big in sombody’s life, and I just want to encourage everyone that today is your day to make the tiny small gesture and kick off Your positive spirit on things. 

Give someone a small small bit confidence in themselves and what they love to do. It doesn’t hurt to encourage instead of tear down.  


Learn from the past - grow and apply skills

accept who you are - flaws and all

take control and responsibility

create opportunity and be yourself

Inner chilD

What does your inner child need? What are your core values, issues or blockages?

Unlocking Your inner child allows you to play, grow and contribUte. Helps with imagination, creativIty, Relationships.


Not to be influenced by others opinions.

dont be rash with decisions.

youre in mental overload mode, slow doWn and digest.

Other peoples problems and stress dont have to be yours.


I guess when I thought about it, I love exactly who you are and I don't want to change that.

Ways as you

“I am also a person who is influenced by light , color, shape, experiences, and people; in similar ways as you but also completely different ones.”


Brightest and best work comes from darker times.

Strive to grow, but don’t be afraid to express your darkness.


what can the dream mean??

fear of change/ changing surroundings 

space or privacy being invaded

neglecting self/ feeling alienated /difficulty adjusting

you hold your power. You have the knowledge to maximize your potential.  

Drained/dependent on others  

Taking advantage of kindness or having a low opinion of others or self.  

be more giving and less taking


Money is always changing hands.  

Wealth is abundance. 

broke is worry and fear.  


How can we change our mindset to attract what we need