Reasons to succeed

succeeding is important to me because it will allow me to:


do more hiking  

be healthy

pay for bills and insurance

be independent  

buy a house  

help my family and friends

set my own hours  


be my own boss  

freedom and choices  


there is a cap on the amount of people that you can serve at once. There is a set amount of hours in a week.

Sometimes this leaves people feeling neglected. Sometimes people feel less wanted, needed or appreciated.  

Sometimes I am guilty of not following up. Sometimes I go for days without checking my texts and emails. Sometimes it is too much to handle replying all the time. Sometimes it is nice to do my own thing.

other times it leaves me feeling like I missed opportunities or let someone down.  


Vanessa cardui - painted lady - can live 12 months  

Monarchs - 6 to 8 weeks.  

Mayfly - one day  


butterflies can remind us that that nothing lasts forever and the time we have in this earth is limited  


roses symbolize balance, promise, hope, new beginnings, blooming, growing, beauty 


thorns symbolize loss and defensiveness. Thoughtlessness, pain, sharpness, boldness. 


The god I serve is able to help me.  

How big is your god?  

Shift your perspective and expect the least expected and the biggest dream.  


when we feel abandoned we assume that nobody cares and we start to give up. 


We start living in a mode where we feel defeated, and we need to break the cycle and just use that time to grow ourselves in some way. 



make your art a mashup of everything you’re ready to get rid of, or everything that you would like to forever remember 

Remember to keep going

Don’t put off what you can do today and don’t stop until you reach your goals.

Positivity and kindness will carry you far.  

don’t fear telling others the things you want to say, and don’t hold yourself back. Do what you want, and go where you want and make every moment and chance count.  

Do nothing half way. There is nothing more satisfying than giving, so find yourself someone that will surprise and amaze you. Someone who will make you feel your best. Someone who will be truthful and open with you. Someone who will put you first.  

Dont be a fool, don’t be an option. Don’t do things that you don’t want to do and don’t hang out with people because there’s nobody that has came around that’s better.  

get to know yourself and how you fit into the world. Learn about others. Really dig deep and be the best you can.   

Life unfolds only in moments. 

moments like these.  


Absorb, learn, create, think, appreciate, be healthy  


Ideal viewer

will interact with my work. 

They will think about their identity.  

They will think about the identities of others  

they will leave criticism, harsh critiques are welcome.  

They will contribute to / invest themselves into my work. They will bring friends  

they will share their story with me.  

They will make me feel wanted and appreciated for what I create and do.