Ive been Creating fused glass jewelry sInce the age of 13. i learned the process of glass fusing from my grandmother who makes larger bowls and plates from glass.

 I Use recyCled scrap Glass that other artists have no use for to make my jewelry. the glass that i use usually gets thrown away if i dont take it, this is because the pieces are small fragments, so they don’t get used in larger works.

These nEcklaces are made by layering pieces of glass & melting them all down together in a kiln. From there i shape them & drill holes through them individually. They get re-fired to smooth and polish the edges. I finish them with a faux Leather suede cord & a clasp.

Due to my process- each necklace is uniquely designed. Based on the color combinations and the way glass melts, no two necklaces Can ever be exactly the same.

IMPERFECTIONS & air bubbles are embraced in my glasswork.

If you are interested in purchasing, or in whOlesale jewelry, Reach out to me by email at artbyayla@yahoo.com