"You are beautiful. You are lovable. You are capable."

These three sentences have stuck with me over the years. I heard them for the first time before I knew what it meant to see ugliness. Before I knew that things in this world wouldn't always love me. Before I knew I could ever feel defeated, weak, exhausted and fatigued.

Three simple sentences. I used to think nothing of them. I used to think it was silly that we were supposed to repeat them everyday as a class. Silly back then, but now, years later, they are comforting words. They are familiar to me. They give me hope for getting the most out of this world. They remind me that I am worthy of the good things that happen to me. 

I imagine a world where everyone sees the potential in each other. I want to see everyone looking into each other's eyes with good intention and love. No judgement given to people based on what they look like or who they appear to be, but instead what they want to stand for, what they dream and where they want to go. That's a world I want to live in.