It's okay to like Flowers.

my whole life I've felt like flowers are so girly. I haven't felt so girly. I've never really identified with the things I deem most girly. But I'm learning to appreciate a soft, quiet, listening, authentic and colorful life. All of which flowers remind me of. 

to me, a real and authentic girl is beautiful, but in response to that my mind tells me that I'm not pretty because I'm not real. I try to be more real. I try to remember flowers all bloom and die, and the only way I'll bloom fully is if I can understand this process. 

I try to let go. I try to not be held back. I try to think of the amount I've grown. Sharing these things with the people That I meet,  weaving together the things I hold on to, with the things I most want to let go. Exposing the things that I hold close. cutting them up So that they can lie in the past.